We are a group of experienced investors and management specialists who continuously add value to our investment properties. Through our strategic, pragmatic and long standing relationships with banks, real estate professionals, and suppliers, we continue to grow by acquiring and maximizing the potential of income properties.

Monem Corporation was founded in 2002 by President and Principal, Danny Monempour. Since inception, Monem Corporation has successfully executed 70+ deals throughout the greater Los Angeles area; from Venice Beach to Downtown. With a core focus on Multi-Family projects, Monem Corporation specializes in acquiring undervalued assets and applying its management expertise through renovations, rental law knowledge, cost control and financing. Monem Corporation currently operates a portfolio of more than 50 income properties and recently expanded into new areas including recording studios, restaurant deals, single family dwellings and even private money lending.

Monem Corp applies a 3-phase strategic process to its income projects: Acquisition phase, Project phase and Stabilization phase